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NaBloPoMo for July

So, I have been a member of NaBloPoMo for a few years, but it's been a LONG time since I've written. I got an e-mail about this month's blog theme (SWIM) and it mentioned they are having a writing contest. If you win, you get a small payment and you get PUBLISHED on the BlogHer page! Which has many readers! So I figure, why not! I need to begin writing more anyway, so here I go. You can check out the details about NaBloPoMo and the contest here. They even give daily suggestions for posts.

Friday, July 1, 2011
Where would you love to go swimming?

The only "tropical" place I have been is Key West, Florida. It's pretty tropical, I guess. But I've never been to any islands or the Caribbean or the Mexican coast or any place like that. The water in Key West was beautiful and clear blue! I would have loved to go swimming, but the dock I stopped at had signs warning about jellyfish, so I decided against that. I'm sure there are beaches there that are safe for swimming, but I was only there overnight and had to drive back to the Orlando area the next day.

I'd like to go back there and go swimming, or go somewhere else where the ocean is clear and blue and warm, and go swimming until my fingers get all pruney. I have other ideas as well, but I will save them for another post on another day!

Peeps jewelry!

Jewelry set with PEEPS!

I will take it apart and make my own Peep Jewelry!!!



Holy shit! It's 1985!!!

Seriously? Harem pants?! Even at Lane Bryant? Really? Leggings and tunics too. I am in some sort of fashion twilight zone.

Unpopular opinion

So I keep reading articles about this topic and I feel the need to write about it. This is just my opinion and I am open to discussion on this, so if you disagree, there's no need to get all indignant and angry.

I read this article on CNN.com about sex offenders being imprisoned civilly AFTER their jail sentence has been served and it bothered me. I have been reading a lot about sex offender registries lately as well. Now, I am in no way diminishing the severity or gravity of a sex crime, as perpetrated on a child or an adult. But I see this registry as a gross inequity of our judicial system. You may say (and if you're a parent you may say more emphatically) that you don't want to live next door to a pedophile or a rapist. I'm with you, I get it. Neither do I. But, for that matter, I don't want to live next door to a drunk driver, or a murderer, or a habitual assaulter, or a burglar. The list could go on. Yet we only have a registry for sex offenders.

One could, at this stage, take either side here and say we need a registry for all different types of convicted offenses. However, in my humble opinion, that would be unconstitutional. I think a sex registry is unconstitutional, personally. While understanding that our judicial and prison systems are extremely flawed, part of the idea of freedom is that if you commit a crime, you are brought to justice, serve your sentence and then, if your sentence is not life imprisonment, you get out of prison and get to start all over again. The assumption is that you have served your time and been rehabilitated. The slate is not clean, you are om probation. But you get to make a go at it all over again. A registry is inherently counter-productive to that process.

I understand that sexual compulsion, whether committing crimes against adults or children, is most times a mental illness that may not ever respond to treatment. But people that habitually assault have mental problems too, as do many people who commit premeditated murder. I mean, we need to diagnose and TREAT people with mental illnesses rather than let them back out on the streets and into our neighborhoods. If you can't rehabilitate, then NO, you do NOT get the chance to start over and get out into the world to assault more people and destroy more lives. But if you are rehabilitated, and being successfully treated, then why should you be hunted and driven out of neighborhoods just because you used to be something you are not now.

It is the job of employers to do background checks on their employees for criminal backgrounds. And if you are so inclined, get your neighbors' names and do checks on them! It will cost you some money, but go ahead. The information is publicly available.

I just think that revealing to the public, on a registry, the background of someone because they committed a particular kind of crime is a slippery slope. A slow one, because I don't hear people clamoring to get more crimes registered, but it will happen. And then what? Where do we stop? When is it enough? We have lost enough of our privacy rights with INEFFECTIVE airline security measures. When do we move to a system where everyone is registered with papers and checkpoints and instant computer recall of a person's entire criminal and civil background at said checkpoints?

It may be a leap, but it's not a far one. My opinion may not be popular because of the nature of pedophilia and rape. But it's the way I feel about it.

Thanks for reading. Comments welcomed.

the REAL meaning of Christmas spirit

I did this and you should too. My friend Kirsti who also makes lovely jewelry that I have promoted here on my LiveJournal, has a friend who has a family. The couple has 5 (FIVE!) kids, and in this economy you can imagine it's not easy to have a family that size. But they always seem to be able to help others as well as somehow make ends meet for themselves.

Kirsti's post talks more about them, as she knows them, and she is asking people to donate to this couple to help them out with their Christmas this year. Read the post, do what you can. I'm not working and I am collecting unemployment and even I found a few bucks to send their way. It made me cry, because THIS is the real holiday spirit, the real Brotherhood of Man. People who don't know each other helping one another out, just because they are nice folks. Do it. Give yourself a little Christmas present by making yourself feel good that you helped someone else. It feels good for everyone! And you may even win jewelry from Kirsti if you forward your donation receipt before Christmas Day!
WTF is up with this Christmas in October crap?! There were stores that had their Christmas displays up and stuff for sale BEFORE HALLOWEEN this year! I know it "gets earlier" every year, but this is ridiculous! Seriously!

I went to a certain bread and sandwich chain this morning for a breakfast sandwich, and they are into using the holiday bags already!

And Tuesday, I drove past a certain popular New England furniture chain and the outside of their store is already decked out with wreaths and evergreen garland with the white lights and the red ribbon!


Eventually, things will start so far in advance that we will be celebrating holidays a year in advance.

Come on. Stop it already. Please. Ergh!!!

p.s. Yes, I know, yay a post!! :-) It's been a while, I want to begin writing in here again. Must...exert...willpower...

Okay, I have done this...

I read several blogs. I guess a few of them would be considered "mommyblogs", but that is not why I read them. The writers are astute, clever, intelligent, creative and F-U-N-N-Y!!! They make me laugh. A lot.

I have also been following the Twitter posts of some of them now. And Alice from Finslippy tweeted this yesterday:

"Creative Nonfiction is looking for blog submissions. Nominate your own, someone else's posts: http://bit.ly/15FMkE"

With the follow up of:

"I was in the Best Creative Nonfiction anthology, btw, and it got me a lot of work, so I recommend doing this!"

So I have. I submitted this post which tells the story of The Bloody Dog Incident of '09. I am hoping my writing is good enough to garner some attention. I should write more, but I am hesitant since I rarely get comments, which leads me to believe no one reads my page. Do I dream of becoming a self-sufficient blogger, somewhat of an online personality? Maybe. Do I think that will really happen? No. But it's nice to try anyway. :-)

Anyone of my 5 readers who tinks dey rite gud should submit an LJ or blog entry of theirs to the link above. It can't hurt and it could help propel you into something.

Okay, back to the real world....(and lunch!)

I *heart* Kurt

So my weekend was spent being 'Old West' geeky with some friends.

Went to Cordy's house to play Wesley's monthly marathon Deadlands game with Faith, Xander, Tara, Gunn, Jayne, Knox and Tiff. Had a GREAT time and lots of laughs. There was a tiny, 4 wk old kitty who was being called 'The Weebie' (as in Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down), 'Sothos the destructor of worlds' (or something like that) and 'Ocho' (by those of us who foresee the only realistic outcome of it becoming a permanent fixture in the Cordy/Gunn household.) Kitty was taking turns at getting fed, sleeping and rampaging across the game table, attacking dice and minis on the mat at various times, like a Kitten-zilla to all the figures on the table. I have photos; oh yes, I have photos.

In the morning, when Knox showed up, he gave Faith a birthday present. She opened the card and read it with a smile, and then opened her gift - which was a DOUBLE-SIDED MIRROR! Backstory: See, Knox had been there for a conversation between me and Faith (and I think Cordy too) where Faith was being berated by myself for NOT having a two-sided mirror with magnifying and regular sides (we were talking makeup at the time and the advantages of a magnifying mirror, of which Faith has NONE!) I literally said to her, "How can you be a girl and NOT have a double-sided mirror?!" very incredulously. So this gift to her was THE AWESOME!!! I gave Knox a hug afterwards for it! She did too, but the best part was that it was a gift for the benefit of more than just Faith, which was just so damn cool! He said it wouldn't have been the same if I had not been there! :-) I *heart* him.

Then we proceeded to play, and fight, and get attacked, and fight some more, and eat cheese doodles (with easy cheese, NOT ME, but some of them - YUK!) and then stop for a SUPER yummy dinner of steak, potato salad , corn on the cob and corn bread, and then SUPER yummy ice cream cake made specially by Knox's girlfriend Holly for Faith's birthday. Mmmmmmm. Everyone was so full....buuuurp!

Then we played some more, and then got in a super tough fight in which some of us (ahem, me) used up more than their share of the group's resources to survive, and some of us made it out alive by the skin of our teeth! If you know anything about Deadlands, we used up just about all of the useable good Action Cards in our hands, and just about all of everyone's fate chips as well - just in this one fight! It was defintely cool! I combo'd the heck out of the goddamn spirit cow I was fighting in order to kill it! Thanks to Faith, Xander and Jayne (and really everyone else too!) Tara, it was a cool fight, but be happy you missed it!

We toddled off to sleep after getting a great story from Knox about his license and a ticket and a traffic stop and plane tickets and a rental car and a business trip and bacon and $1 PBR's. It was much more involved than all that, but it's just not the same in writing as it is being told. The incredulity has to be experienced in person. :-)

I got home in the early afternoon and then went to see G.I. Joe with my sweetie. Far too many little kids at this movie. Don't parents understand that unless it has a G-rating, it ain't for little kids?? Swearing and violence and killing and destruction. I just don't get it.

Anyway, a good movie, I thought. But apparently, not a fully accurate representation of the G.I. Joe world. I will not go into it here, as I am sure my reader(s?) may not have been to see it yet. I will have to collect others' opinions as well.

Then home to nap with my pups! I napped for 3 hours! And then woke up, ate a bowl of cereal, and went back to sleep a couple hours later.

And now, here I am, on the most politically incorrect holiday that is still around (only in Rhode Island, mind you) 'V-J Day', aka 'Victory Over Japan Day'!!! They have shortened it to 'Victory Day' in an effort to make it seem less offensive, I think. But it's still so very wrong to celebrate it, IMHO. Yaaay, lots of people died in the most catastrophic martial mistake ever made in the history of man!! Woo, let's make it a state holiday and have parades!

Um, no. I don't think so.